~ The Mabati House ~

The Mabati House is designed as a contemporary bush home. The clean lines and simple spaces are designed to frame a myriad of views out to the beautiful Sanctuary Farm. The house is built out of timber frame and the interior is formed out of wood, whilst the outside is clad in metal, hence the Swahili name 'Mabati'. We love spending the afternoons here, with all the big doors pushed open and watching the giraffe wander through the garden.

We haveā€¦
-    2 Bedrooms
-    1 Kitchen
-    1 Bathroom
-    Open plan living & dining room
-    Outdoor dining
-    Garden

The Mabati House is light, airy, cool and completely adaptable to each day's changing needs. In hot weather the whole house can be opened up, revealing views out onto Sanctuary Farm and the many wild animals that roam around; whilst cooler weather and during the evenings the house can be closed up again to make a cosy interior for intimate dinners and relaxing after a long day. The house is equipped with a fully functioning bathroom and kitchen, as well as two bedrooms and a large living room.