~ Conservancy ~

Sanctuary Farm is a family owned, 450-acre pasture driven dairy farm and horse stud, covered in pristine Acacia forest on the southern shores of Lake Naivasha. In addition to the farm’s commercial activities, Sanctuary Farm is committed to the conservation of the diverse flora and fauna surrounding the lake. Lake Naivasha is one of the few freshwater lakes in East Africa and was designated a RAMSAR site in 1995 under the Convention of Wetlands of International Importance. The Lake and its environs support a complex system of terrestrial, riparian and littoral plants which provide critical foraging and breeding grounds for a large number and variety of resident and migrant birds and wild animals, including more than 350 species of water birds. Its riparian land houses hundreds of hippopotamus and other large mammals such as Cape Buffalo, Maasai Giraffe, Waterbuck, Thomson’s Gazelle, Grant’s Gazelle and Impala. Smaller animal species include Serval Cat, Spotted Hyena, Silverback Jackal, Bat-eared Fox, Aardvark, Clawless Otter, White-tailed Mongoose, Skunk, Python and other snakes.

Due to urban development it is becoming more and more difficult for the wildlife to roam as far and wide as it used to. Their natural corridors are slowly being fenced off and they are more and more restricted to conservation areas such as Sanctuary Farm and Crescent Island. As a result, the wildlife on the farm is habituated to people and although the animals are still wild, one can walk at close proximity to many of the wild animals without scaring them.

Sanctuary Farm is a bird lover’s paradise and we can organize a guide to accompany you on nature walks around the farm and along the shores of the lake.

A conservancy fee of 1000 KES per adult and 500 KES per child is payable upon entrance at the Sanctuary Farm gate.